3. Social media strategy


Please note the video below has annotations with updates so please watch it if you usually just listen to the audio!


What I want is an automated system that would post out my own custom worded messages, indefinitely, with images, to Twitter and Facebook for FREE.

Whilst TweetJukebox does this for Twitter, I couldn't find one that did it for Facebook pages. I tried Revive Old Post but it wasn't ideal (see examples below).

At the time of writing TweetJukebox is about to relaunch to SocialJukebox and will apparently allow you to run it on Facebook pages. But until then... what to do?

Here is my hack / workaround.

  1. Install TweetJukebox / SocialJukebox on your Twitter account and batch create a bank of updates (i.e. your 'jukebox') and set it to run.

  2. Use IFTTT to pull updates from your Twitter account to your Facebook page. (IFTTT is a free system which connects various social media accounts).

I will provide details on how to do this next week!

Here is what a post from the Revive Old Post plugin looks like on my Facebook page. It pulls out a random image from my sidebar rather than a custom image for the blog post in question. You can pay extra to get it to post images, but I prefer my free 'hack' workaround...

Here is what a post to my Facebook page via Tweetjukebox+IFTTT looks like. As you can see it pulls the same image as I've plugged in to my Jukebox and looks much nicer.

Here is how they compare on Facebook Insights. The orange bars show the 'reach' of the individual Facebook posts. I've highlighted in red below the posts via Tweetjukebox+IFTTT and the others are the ones done by Revive Old Post. As you can see the ones with custom images from Tweetjukebox+IFTTT have a far greater reach than than Revive Old Post updates.

What are the downsides of this approach? Here are some - to me they are minor and a worthwhile compromise considering it's a free solution:

  1. Same updates going out at same times on Twitter & Facebook (so if your Facebook page fans are active at different times from your Twitter, you won't be able to customise the updates for the times they are active).

  2. Only 140 characters for the text because it's using Twitter as a source, so, not being able to take advantage of Facebook fully.

Links for you (but I'll explain more about these next week too)

Revive Old Post





1. Find out the best time(s) to post on social media (not all of the platforms, just the one you are focusing on for your batching challenge!)

2. Decide which of the batching / automation solutions you'll implement (I'll show you how to set them up in future videos)