5. Perpetual and evergreen social media updates

Here's how to set up automated / evergreen updates for Facebook and Twitter! These are updates that post automatically for ever, without your input - you only have to add the update content in once and it keeps running. I covered some of the options for this in Module 3 so please catch up on that one if you haven't already.

In the next module I will suggest CONTENT ideas for your social media updates which you can batch, so if you are stuck for ideas hang on for the next module.


For Twitter currently I use TweetJukebox (soon to be SocialJukebox).

This is an AMAZING free tool that enables you to create a bank of evergreen / perpetual customised updates with images that get automatically posted out on a schedule of your choice.

You can use this to post about old blog posts PLUS anything else you want to post about (e.g. your products/services, opt-in pages, freebies, etc).


How to set up a Jukebox once logged into TweetJukebox:

Here is how to add individual tweets to your Jukebox within TweetJukebox:

Here is how to add evergreen tweets to your Jukebox in SECONDS using their incredible Chrome Browser Extension:


Socialjukebox is soon to be launched which will allow you to create a Jukebox to post to Facebook pages... but until then, you could use my 'hack' which I've found works well.

What you can do is use IFTTT.com to re-post from your Twitter to your Facebook. You need to ensure that you're happy for everything you post to Twitter to be set over to your Facebook page.

  1. Login / register with IFTTT.com

  2. Connect your Twitter account

  3. Connect your Facebook page

  4. Click on this 'recipe' (New Tweet/Pic from Twitter goes to your Facebook Page)

  5. Deselect (unselect) retweets and @replies

  6. Click Add

  7. Amend any settings (I found it worked best for me using the settings below)


An alternative option for both Facebook and Twitter is the 'Revive Old Post' WordPress plugin.

This takes about 1 hour to set up and it will automatically re-post your old blog posts.

It is free but you have to pay extra to make it post images and to get extra features.

Also, unlike Tweetjukebox/Socialjukebox you can't plug in your own update text, it just posts the blog posts and nothing else.

I found that the Tweetjukebox+IFTTT hack I recommended worked better than the Revive Old Post plugin, but if you only have 1 hour to revive a dead Twitter or Facebook page this may be the best option for you.


1. Sign up for your preferred solution for automated perpetual updates on Facebook and/or Twitter (Tweetjukebox/Socialjukebox, Revive Old Post Plugin, IFTTT)