6. Fast batch scheduling ideas for social media


So those are some ideas of WHAT to post on social media; below I'll share with you three options for systems that let you schedule posts in advance.

There are more systems available but these are currently the main FREE options you can try out when you are just getting started.

Note: you can also schedule a limited number of updates in Tweetjukebox/Socialjukebox

Benefits: Very easy to use and very fast to batch schedule lots of updates across many platforms.

Downsides: You can only have 10 updates scheduled per platform on the FREE plan, i.e. 10 on Facebook, 10 on Twitter etc.

It is one of the most affordable social media scheduling systems if you do want to upgrade to the 'Awesome Plan'.


You can schedule Facebook page posts for future times in Facebook itself.

Benefits: FREE; can schedule unlimited updates; can make the updates look exactly like a normal update; potentially Facebook will allow these to be seen more than those published by third party plugins.

Downsides: Time consuming to plug in each update manually.

Benefits: FREE for Twitter; can schedule unlimited updates on the Free plan; can add photos to Tweets

Downsides: Time consuming to plug in each update manually; not as user friendly as Buffer.


1. Use the idea prompts and BATCH your updates!